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Welcome to Team Half Fast’s website!


(broken bones won’t stop us LOL)


(photo courtesy of Brian Beers, Beers Photography)


We at Team Half Fast are Sportsman Bracket/Index drag racers riding a specially-modified-for-drag-racing 1993 Harley-Davidson Sportster motorcycle.  ET (elapsed time) bracket drag bike racing is a special and exciting way to race where speed doesn’t determine the winner – it’s how consistently you can ride the quarter mile.  If you would like to learn a little more about this type of drag racing, please click on “The Team” section to the left.


The pros run the ¼ mile in about 6 seconds at 220+ mph.  We run about half of that (“only” about 120 mph), which is why we’re “Half Fast”! 


Recap, 2015 Race Season:  We finished #10 in AMRA’s Eliminator “E” class and #15 in BOTH the PE 10.90 and the SE 11.50 classes!!


Our Photo Gallery and Event Updates has been updated through AMRA’s Bowling Green Clay Jones Memorial Fall Nationals, where Chip WON in the SE 11.50 class!!!!  We’re so very proud of him!!  


Our latest newsletter can be viewed here.


Our publications for 2015 include:

End of Summer 2016 Newsletter: here.

Spring 2016 Newsletter: here.

Press Release(s): here.

Late (in more ways than one) Fall 2015 Newsletter: here.

Early Fall 2015 Newsletter: here.

Late Summer 2015 Newsletter: here.

Spring 2015 Newsletter: here


We’re very proud to partner with some really GREAT sponsors, several of whom have been with us for many years!


We’d like to thank the following 2016 Season Supporters:


Lucas Oil Corporation

DEI (Design Engineering, Inc.)

Mickey Thompson Tires and Wheels

Airgas of Ann Arbor

Wheels Through Time Museum

PBI Sprockets

Goodson Tools

Vital Virtual Services

Super Nate of Super V Cycles! 

Camping World of Belleville, MI

THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONTINUED SUPPORT – we’re proud you’re part of our Half Fast Family!!!



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